That cat again!

I went to bed early last night - and slept for an amazing 10 hours all up! Fleder had gone to sleep in the lounge room, and one of my nightly visits to the bathroom I saw her curled up asleep.

When I arose at 6.30 am - she had gone. It is now 4 hours later, and she still is no where to be seen. I've been around the house calling her name! With no luck. I'm sure she will re-appear, but at the moment I'm stressing because she is not here!

Yesterday we were threatened with a late afternoon storm, which in the end did not eventuate. I've only seen rain once - and that was a brief shower - since the owners have been away. I've watered the garden, as best I can without the use of hoses - which are banned by the government because of the continued drought and water shortage.

There were frogs active last night - but then they often are here. Great green frogs that often croak loudly at any time of the day. I did do a quick hose of the back last night (no one could see and I was very quick) and there were three big green frogs. More than I have ever seen I think in one place at one time.

I love the green frogs - quite cute. Much better looking than the ugly cane toad which is prevalant around the place, although not quite here. One would think with the swamp so close that there would be more.

I'm aware of the proximity to Kianawah Rd here - and the possibility of red bellied black snakes which are common in parts of the swamp on Kianawah. I've been told that the aboriginal word for red bellied black snake is Kianawah! I've not seen one here, though no doubt they are lurking in the swamp.

I've searched again to find the cat - but no luck. I think she has been so mean to me that she is probably hiding in the bushes somewhere with her evil smile and evil eyes! When she's unhappy she half closes her eyes which gives her a most evil look!

Again storm clouds are gathering in the sky to the south of Brisbane. Again storms are forecast - but that is common. Forecast but don't eventuate.

How we wish for a good old rain storm - and a return to the good old days when at this time of the year we would be regular tropical storms with massive rain falls.

Sadly our climate is changing and it is not good.


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