That cat again!

Last night when I returned for work, there was no sign of the cat. I'm sure she sits somewhere and watches as I do my searching. I can't lose another cat! (Not that I have control over her!)

In the end she returns. She did eat last night - ate most of her fresh meat, and then wanted to sit on my lap. In the end she did. When I removed her from my lap, she ran around the house like a mad thing, before settling down. In the end she went to sleep in the bath.

She'd gotten hold of my bath towel the night before, and slept on it, and I'd thrown it into the bath, until I had time to wash it. So that was her resting place last night.

Sometimes I hear weird sounds - maybe a koala on the roof? a possum? or is it Jasper the mssing cat? I wonder if Jasper isn't out in the park or swamp somewhere waiting her her owners to return. I imagine that is the case.

When I'm not here he could easily come inside for a feed, and then disappear again. I have a dream that this is the case.

It is only a week to go! I could continue here for weeks. Oh, well.


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