Sunday, October 14

Flying Cat

One of the things that I could not get used to was the cat climbing high and flying onto me. I would walk in the kitchen and without warning the cat would launch from somewhere, and land on me.

It was really freaky! I never got used to that! Some days I could not find her anywhere and as I had already "lost" one cat, I was a bit concerned in case I would "lose" another. She would hide in the most amazing places, and on some occasions would climb high onto the highest cupboard. The cat would climb down onto the microwave oven which was on top of the refrigerator, and leap on me as I entered the room. And she'd hang on with her claws.
My grandchildren thought that she had "evil eyes" - she seemed to have a look that was quite evil, especially when she was not happy with me.

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Shado said...

I love the photo of the cat on the microwave! I sympathise with your plight. I had a similar cat problem in one sit. I discovered that this kind of behaviour has been labelled as 'status aggression'. I have written about my own cat experience and included a couple of links to sites that talk about status aggression in cats in the post