Thursday, October 4

The cat battle

I've got to say, I'm stunned by the behaviour of the cat. Now I like cats, and they like me. We used to have cats. I remember Tinky and Winky when I was a child, and not long after our son was born we had Peefer pussy, but we've been dog people since.

I did for a long time suffer allergies when I was close to cats, but that seems to have gone. Even then they would want to be with me, and my sneezes almost blew them away. (I've never had a quiet sneeze!)

When Fleder became a lone cat in this household, I became her very best friend, and at times she continues to be very intrusive. But I've had to say NO a few times, and she's very hurt by this, and shuns me for a few hours or days!

I don't let her sleep on my bed - I was almost afraid she'd suffocate me in my sleep, as she has to be so up close and personal, and anyway I'm not comfortable sleeping with a cat.

When I come home from work I often have to wander around looking for her - she must hide from me. I can imagine her watching with her wicked smile!

She's eating very little of her meat - be it fresh meat or the canned variety, but still munches on her dry food, grated cheese and the special cat milk is gone within seconds of me pouring it.

She sleeps in the oddest of places, since I won't condone her sleeping with me. Sometimes it is on the top of the lounge chair, or a spot on the table. Today I found her on the bathroom handbasin!

The day before yesterday, she beat me into the bathroom, and leapt onto the toilet seat before I could make it, and then when I pushed her off, flew up to land on my lap as I was sitting on the "throne". It is hard to get her off - the strenghth in her little body is amazing as she resists my attempts to get her to move.

She still tries to sit on my lap at any time whether I am eating at the table, or typing at the computer, and she's quite comfortably trying to walk across the keyboard. (Luckily I've always managed to push her off BEFORE she's activated any keys.

Some days I laugh about it, and other days I feel quite cross with her.

Mostly I laugh!!!!!

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