Back home

The owners are back home, and so am I. I must say I miss the peace and tranquility of the house sit house. Compared to here it is so peaceful, as the traffic noise here almost all night irritates me.

I visited Lizzie yesterday - had to return the keys - and she gave me some lovely gifts. Two very thirsty looking tea towels, with poulty (chooks, as we would say) on them. And a lovely necklace with a turquoise caught in a dream catcher on a silver chain. It is very very pretty, and I love it! I tried it on last night - and the grand children visited soon after. They were fascinated by it.

Jasper has not returned - so his whereabouts remains a mystery.

There was one funny story that occurred during my distress about the missing cat. My daughter was chatting with one of her girl friends, who asked if I would house sit for her. She and her husband and daughter were planning to go away for a week, and as her parents have moved into a unit they are no longer able to care for their cat.

A few days later the lady's husband, my daughter and I were sititng around a table chatting over a cup of coffee, and I mentioned something about them going away. My daughter added, "You probably won't want Mum to house sit for you, when you learn that she has just lost a cat at her current house sit."

Quick as a flash, the guy leaned over the table, shook my hand and announced "You've got the job."

We so laughed!

I bet his wife wouldn't have thought it so funny!


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