Back Home

I've rarely found time to post in the last few weeks - but I am back home. To my real home - spouse, dog etc.

The owners came home on Friday - and as yet the missing cat has not returned. I had some hope that it would re appear on their return, but it has not happened yet.

I left the house early in the morning - having done all the cleaning etc, and hopefully leaving the house in as good a standard as it was when I moved in some four weeks earlier. I was sad to go.

I had left several vases of flowers in the house - and hope they proved a good welcome to the family. They are going away again later in the year and I think want me back - even though I "lost" one of their cats!

I thought I'd have a quiet day settling in back at home, but it was not to be. I'd almost done all the washing, and some house work, when I received a phone call from a desperate daughter in law on the Gold Coast. Desperate for a babysitter! She had a dental appointment and her usual babysitters were unable to help. So much for my restful day!

I drove down shortly afterwards, and came back in great haste late in the afternoon, hoping to miss one of the severe tropical storms that have been occurring lately. It seemed to follow me along the highway for a while, but then went on another course, and I escaped it all.

That night I spent some time at the Wynnum Spring Fair. I'm not usually a fan of the Fair - its organisation is somewhat challenged at times. On this occasion though I was impressed, and luckily for them the weather has been excellent. I think it would prove to be a very successful event.

On Saturday I fronted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital - I do role playing for medical examinations. It is always a HUGE day - very tiring as some 36 medical practitioner aspirants, hoping to qualify to work in Australia, come before me and the examiner to be tested. It is totally exhausting, and I was pleased when it is over. I enjoy it - it is just very tiring for everyone, but I know I play a part in helping Australia source more doctors for its hospitals etc.


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