Another visit to Adelaide

My mother is 92 years old later this week. I'm not able to go to Adelaide to see her for her birthday, but two weeks later I will be visiting with my one and only grandson. My two older granddaughters have been on an adventure with me to Adelaide, but I was a bit unsure about J.

He doesn't know me as well, and he is terrified of loud noises. And he is only 3 - to be 4 on December 1st.

J is a really good kid,and I often speak with him on the phone. He lives on the Gold Coast - some one hour drive from here, and his mother and father are kept busy and we see each other as often as we can. (Always not often enough!)

Anyway the older girls say it is J's turn. And so I booked the fare. It will be a little easier as his surname is the same as mine (he is the son of our son), so it won't cause much suspicion with the airline. (I hope anyway.) I've given his folks a list of my requirements to travel with him - at least the documentation.

I phoned my parents to tell them, and they are already quite excited as they don't see him as much as they see the girls. As usual we will stay with my sister - and only stay 3 nights. I will find it exhausting, but he really is a good kid.

This time I have ID of sorts - a conference tag which will include all my contact details just in case he gets lost like A did last time. She still tells everyone that it was ME that got lost - for she knew where she was all the time! A little monkey at the monkey cage.

It shall be an interesting trip!


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