A week since last post

I have had a pretty harrowing week. Last Monday I was up early to pick the flowers. I had a quick breakfast, checked the cats and made sure they had food in their bowl, and left around 6.15 am. I came back in the afternoon and only one cat was there.

Now I know cats roam, so I thought the cream Burmese cat called Jasper would return. Cats do that don't they? I walked around the house and in the park calling out for the cat - but there was no sign of it.

I felt really depressed. How awful. Here I was charged with caring for the two moggies, and one just disappears. But I thought it might re appear.

On Tuesday I worked all day, and in the afternoon came home and did further searches. Inside the house and outside. I searched in cupboards, under furniture, in the bushes, in the park. Still no Jasper.

By the Wednesday I was really freaked out. What could I tell the owners? I knew they would be upset - but I didn't know what else to do.

I did call the Brisbane City Council and report the cat missing, I phoned some vets, and I also called the RSPCA - and gave a report. I also did up little notes and with the help of two children from across the road, I delivered them to letter boxes in the neighbourhood, and spoke to neighbours as well. Jasper seems to have just disappeared. Gone. I feel so awful.

Fleder, the remaining cat has been very friendly towards me.


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