The two cats

What a busy week it has been! My two day a week job has become more - partly because one staff member is away and due back next week, the "boss" is moving house, and one of the other staff members has had a sick child and then she got a dose of the gastro. Actually one would rather not be around all the wogs, but such is life.

I was due to move into the house sit yesterday, and did so, but not as early as I had planned. I think the two cats thought they'd been forgotten. It was on dark when I arrived, and the first thing I did was feed them and the fish.

Later when I settled I turned the TV on, and both cats wanted to sit on my lap. In fact one nearly swiped the other as if they were fighting for space on my lap. Most unusual. The last time I was here the cats ignored me.

When I went to bed I had to take care as both settled on the bed! In any case I guess they were trying to make friends with me!

I had to get up early this morning - back home to do a few things before I raced off to work. A full day again at work, and I returned here on dark again. I hope that is not the norm for me or the cats might be unforgiving!

Both cats were here to greet me, and the fish are OK - so far, so good.

The Writers Festival is on in Brisbane, so I plan to go tomorrow, but I've been asked to come in to work again for a couple of hours. I hope that means I can take off some time next week.


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