Sunday, September 30

The Big Green Frogs

On several occasions I've heard the deep "R'bit, R'bit" sound of green frogs. I hadn't seen one until yesterday when I discovered one sitting in a flower pot at the back of the house, and last night when I went out there was another one on the path.

There's also one at the front door - it was croaking today.

I'd like to think they herald the onset of rain - as we certainly need it. We had a short shower the other morning but it did little but settle a little dust.

I'm a great fan of green frogs and lament that we have few at our place, despite its close proximity to a creek.

The ones I saw last night are huge - and I wonder where the younger ones are too.

The house backs onto a swamp area, so there's probably plenty there, especially as there is much long grass for them to hide from predators.

Perhaps I'll start a collection of frog photos too - it will take a long time to find a "collection" I think.

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