Pillow Jump

I've had just a full on week - looking forward to a break and it is coming soon. The second night the cats ignored me. I just didn't see them much. I made sure they were safe and well, and beyond that they made themselves scarce.

That is until some ungodly time in the night when one jumped onto my pillow. From where? Who knows, but I felt something land, and I put my hand out to protect my face and it met with a furry thing. A cat, I hoped!!!

I put the light on and sure enough there was a cat! :)

All was well, but the second night I banned them from the bedroom. I closed the door, made sure their cat door at the back of the house was open, and closed the other one so that I might sleep in peace.

So they took up a wailing out front of the bedroom door. I got up once to see if there was a problem - and apart from the obvious there was not. So I shut the door, put a pillow over my head to drown out their noise and had a brilliant night's sleep.


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