My new best friend

I just couldn't write until I felt better about losing the cat. I mean, that is what a house sitter is supposed to do. Mind the pets. I had no opportunity to do anything to save it - it just disappeared. The last time Jasper and I were up close and personal was on the Sunday night. Jasper came into the house as I was preparing for bed and I cuddled Jasper in the passage way. There was no indication that anything was wrong - Jasper enjoyed the patting and cuddling and I went to bed. He was on the chair outside in the morning, but GONE when I returned in the afternoon.

Fleder, the remaining cat has been VERY FRIENDLY to me. She just likes being with me - which is OK. She sits on my lap, sits on my paper as I try to do a Soduko puzzle, and climbs onto my shoulders when she gets a chance.

Yesterday when I came home from picking flowers I was so tired I thought I'd take a nap. I was lying on the bed, on my side, and Fleder found a comfy spot lying on top of me! And there we remained for an hour!

It seems like Fleder is my new best friend. She follows me almost everywhere.

I did not know how I could tell the owners of the house and cats what had happened. But the opportunity came when I received a text message from them in the US. I told them that there cat was missing, and tried to explain what I had done to find it. I know L would be very very sad about it, and I felt so awful telling her. Everything else seems to have survived under my watch - but I will be keeping a close eye on the fish and the remaining cat for the next three weeks!

Oh, how I hate it when something goes wrong on "my watch."


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