Looong sleep

I did go to bed early - and probably fell asleep around 8 pm, and slept through until 4 am. I did get back to sleep again, but I really enjoyed just lying in bed, with my MP3 player on listening to classical music. So relaxing.

At 6 am I had a text message from L - safely in the USA!

I did get up about this time, and fed biscuits (cat ones of course) to the hungry cats. They seem to eat all the time!

I didn't mention that last night it looked like a storm brewing. I could see flashes of lightning perhaps over the Gold Coast or out to sea. It is this time of year that we can expect this sort of weather. As it turned out it came to nothing - at least in these parts.

But this morning I was pleased to hear a frog croaking. This house backs onto a park, on the edge of a creek, so it is not surprising that there are a few frogs around, although back at home, with a similar proximity to a creek, we seldom see them. Even my stripey marsh frogs have gone - due in part to the lack of rain, I'm sure.

The frog croaking was a pleasant sound this morning. I've taken the time to slowly do some organising of my writing and other things. I have some reports to submit for my Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment on Monday, and I've paid a deposit on the TESOL course, so I'm not exactly sitting on my hands. And there is the manuscript - must do some work on that this week.

I've looked at my diary and this week is relatively quiet - or should I say, I can see spaces to slot in a lot of writing! I have the pack from our Postal Writers group too, so I have some work to do on that. Critiquing the other writers' work as well as submitting my own.

Still, it is the last day of the Writers Festival and I will go in for a while. This afternoon we are going to the Gold Coast - it is our son's birthday, and of course the highlight will be seeing the two grandchildren that we seldom get to visit.

I will start the online component of the TESOL course in the next couple of weeks, but there's no urgency. I will do the classroom part of it early in January.

Not much time for relaxing, but I will try.


Di Hill said…
Thanks, Pete. I look forward to completing all my studies! Yeeha.

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