Later on Sunday

I feel a bit more in control of my life today. I did do some writing, and I did some other things that needed doing. I've almost completed my assignment and work for my Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, so hopefully that will be posted tomorrow.

I signed up for a writing course via The Writers Bureau but became bogged down, and overwhelmed with everything else I was doing that I've not even submitted the first assignment. I sent an email to them today to confirm I'm doing the right assignment and that too should be posted tomorrow. I have some time to do this course, so hopefully I shall get a move on with that.

As well, I've just signed up for the TESOL course, but I don't have to do anything for that right now, as I do not do the class room work until early January.

Hopefully by then I will hae some of my other writing commitments completed and I will have more free time. I find the house sitting gives me an opportunity to think more clearly.

Strange that.


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