I'm paranoid now

My "new best friend" and I are getting on well. Fleder is lonely and tends to be up close and personal. Very up close. Though today she has spent much time out in the sun in the garden, but I've checked on her every 40 minutes or so. There's no way to keep her IN the house - but I get the feeling that she doesn't want to go very far away from me anyway.

She's very clingy at times, and I've carried her around quite a bit which inhibits anything I want to do. She hasn't been wailing like I've been told she tends to do.

I had my two granddaughters to visit last night and they loved playing with her, but she doesn't tolerate children easily from what I saw. Fleder whacked them a couple of times with her paw, but they shrieked with laughter as Fleder climbed up onto my shoulders and remained there for some time.

I'm not too keen on sleeping with a cat - I don't mind if it sleeps on the bed, but I'd rather it not be on my head, or near my head, or between the sheets with me, and all of those things are what Fleder prefers to do, so I shut the bedroom door. She finds somewhere to go, and is waiting for me very early in the morning.

I keep looking for Jasper. I have this feeling (or hope I guess) that one morning he will be there - just waiting for me to get up.


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