Four sleeps to go!

My grandchildren would say that. But I am looking forward to my next house sit. I've been to get some last minute instructions, and will collect the key on Tuesday afternoon. I've been instructed on cleaning out the two fish tanks - and glad that the "rules" will be written down for me.

I'm looking forward to the peace and tranquility of the house - it a quiet little cul de sac, and with any luck I'll progress well with my manuscript.

I've been slack lately - well, at this project only - as I have had many other tasks to complete and have done them.

We launched our latest "Lifelong Learning Director" yesterday which I have been working on. I'm quite pleased with it.

On Tuesday night I attend an information night on the TESOL course, as my other course has nearly come to an end.

Lots to do in the coming months.

And at least some peace for a while! Bring it on.


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