The cat and me!

I've got to say the cat and I are having interesting times. I worry about it - and I think it knows it and deliberately hides, or in other ways gives me grief. I quite like cats - but one as intrusive and demanding as Fleder is, can be a challenge.

I've managed to keep him off my shoulders - I mean, walking around with a cat clinging (and gloating too I'm sure if I could see his face!), to my shoulders isn't a good look, and I've managed to keep him off. If I sit down at the kitchen table I have to watch that she isn't around - as it is quickly onto my shoulders. I have to stand up quickly if I see her ready to pounce!

I'm sure she is laughing when she hides - especially at night. Several nights I've come home - and not late either, usually around 8 pm - and there is no sign of her. I've taken to walking into the cul de sac, calling "Fleder" or "Pussy" but generally return to the house thinking that this time is it! But I've bravely gone to bed and in the morning she is there!

One morning I was sitting at the table on the phone and she jumped on to the table and pushed her face against mine. Her nose and mine were touching and she was glaring into my face from centimeters away. Intimidating? Sure.

On one occasion I was walking through to the laundry and she pounced on me - clutching my shoulders with her claws. I got such a fright and tried to push her off, but she clung. I had a little trouble getting her off and had small claw marks on my shoulders where she attached herself!

I've kept her out of the bedroom, and this I am sure she is angry about.

I've found her sleeping in the strangest of places. One morning she was asleep on the ironing board, and another day I found her IN the washing machine. The previous night I'd thrown some clothes into the machine, ready to turn on in the morning, and I'd left the lid open.

This morning I sat outside reading the paper - and she constantly tried to sit on my lap, or on the paper. In the end, when I'd read enough I left her sitting on the newspaper, where she has been for most of the day.

She was sleeping inside one of the potplants today - so funny.

When the grand children visited yesterday - the helped me empty the fish tanks - Fleder was not amused. She fought for space on my lap with the girls as we rested later, and I just wish I had been able to take a photo of them all juggling for a spot. In the end, Fleder sat ON the table staring at us with what the girls labelled "Chinese Eyes" - she stared with here eyes half opened.

She is only eating dry food at the moment - one night I put out fresh meat but she ignored it, and last night she only had a few mouthfulls of the canned food.

But the main thing is, she is still here.


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