Another Day

What a big day it was yesterday. I was up really early, and off to pick Gerberas before I attended a meeting of government and other folk involved in the employment industry. We have a growing area with great need of certain trades, but there appears to be a shortage of people prepared to do the work, so it is something that we discuss from time to time.

I had a short meeting afterwards, and then went to the Liesure Centre - and joined. It's funny as later in the day I heard someone talking about their involvement with the very same centre, and how they received NOTHING, for their membership fee. At least I got some paperwork and a membership badge!

Back home to do some work, and then to the house sit. Thankfully the remaining cat was there. I had a few snacks, and then went out to a meeting of the Arts Council - and on my return could not find the cat. I called out - but nothing.

I started to panic. How could I tell the owner that I have lost both cats???? After about 30 minutes I went outside in dark street - it was around 9 pm thinking that I had to walk up and down the street calling "pussy" or her name. Oh, heck!

Then out of the darkness she rush to me, and my new best friend and I settled and watched television together for about an hour. She is still asleep on her bed - as I write this.


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