Visit to Adelaide

I've just visited the folks in Adelaide. It is just over two hours flying time from Brisbane. I try and visit my parents and sister several times a year - and was lucky to have five days with them this time.

I normally stay with my sister - but I do look at the house sit opportunities in Adelaide. One day I will do a house sit there - just so I can spend more time with them, and perhaps catch up on some friends. Perhaps two or three weeks.

I'd love to stay around the McLaren Vale area - not far from the family - but near the vineyards and the other areas that I knew well when I lived in Adelaide. I know it was a long time ago - but I do remember much of my child hood.

One thing that I love is the old stone and brick buildings that are common around the state. I find them fascinating. One day..................


Kiwi Riverman said…
It clicked after a while - Elly and Tottie were the one and same. The holiday to Adelaide clinched it!

Now you say all this linking is easy. Sire tried to show me, but I didn't know the next step.

I need easy steps because I haven't been there yet! I've signed up to an online course for HTML - its like learning a new non-European language.
Kiwi Riverman said…
Did you tell me how to get those 'big' Adsense adverts? I've found out how to change them, but they are still little ones.

Di Hill said…
Pete, do you mean the big one on the top? These bigger ones are because Google "upgraded" my account for some reason.

When you go into customise in Blogger you get to choose the size of the ad you want. You'll need to experiment with them.

Linking is pretty easy on Google and BlogEvolve - just type the word you want to link, and click on the icon for links, and put in the URL - http://www.whatever.whatever and it should work automatically. Other sites are slightly different.

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