Phone calls

My mobile phone has rung twice this week with people desperate for a house sitter. Sadly I have been unable to help them, as I have a house sit commitment already, and I am going away myself.

I have changed my status on House Carers, but it seems folk are really concerned about their holiday plans. In one case their booked house carer has had to pull out, and in another they have simply left it a bit late to secure someone.

One thing that has always bothered me in a funny way, is that the house sitter who takes on a big responsibility is seldom paid. I've not asked for money, and only once been offered it.

I wonder if it is possible to have a 'career' as a house sitter? Mmmmm.

In any case I'm happy to do what I do - but it amuses me that the house sitter does the "work" and has to pay to be on the register, and the house owner gets a holiday with much savings on kennelling, and the security of having their house lived in and cared for, and they don't even have to pay to be on a house sitting website.

Oh, well. Perhaps if there's a big need - I should see what someone would bid for me?


Shado said…
You're absolutely right about the issue of the non payment of housesitters. It is okay when one is a novice housesitter but as one goes along and does some rather difficult housesits you have to wonder.

Now I won't do housesits where the owners expect you to pay electricity, phone line rental and other things such as broadband and foxtel. I think the owner taking care of these items is fair payment for the work one has to do - particularly if the pets are difficult. And as you say the big responsibility.

The Australian House Sitters Directory when they were still around charged up to a $1,000 a year for the privilege of being a housesitter - with very poor results in terms of housesit offers to housesitters towards the end of their tenure.

There are some interesting housesitting stories including some from housesitters who do charge for their services at
For a story on housesitters who do it as their job see
Di Hill said…
Thanks, Shado, I'll have a look at them. Like you, I won't do any where I am expected to pay - I do think that for all I do for their pets, they should pay me.
Shado said…
Yes indeed! Some of the pets are shockers and can be very time consuming! My current pet is one of the best - a lovely dog who is no trouble at all. The cats at my last housesit were amongst the worst. I bought 3 kinds of disinfectant to deal with their activities!
Di Hill said…
I won't look after BIG dogs either. Only small dogs and cats, and I endeavour to retrain the dogs a little too. Some are just so spoiled.
housecarers said…
There is a house sitting forum with Topics such as who pays utilities and other hot issues for housesitters.

I have placed the link to the issue of Utility payment below. Many of the housesitters agree that the homeonwer should pay utilities.

Who pays utilities while house sitting

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