Saturday, August 25

House Sitting Sites

I've renewed my subscription with and also have joined, and I'm impressed that there are many jobs available on both sites. Though at the moment I'm not looking for one.

I am booked from the middle of September until the middle of October, so I will see what happens after that - I think there is a possibility of one December/January too, so will just wait and see.

I do need to get away and get some quiet (reading and writing) time to myself, so am looking forward to it.

I'm surprised more people don't do it - though I note on a lot of sites there are more house sitters than house sit jobs. I'm looking for one in the UK next year - but will have to wait and see as we have no idea of dates yet.

Interesting to keep and eye on things.

I note too at Mindmyhouse that there are quite a few jobs in France - now I wonder if I could fit that in too..............


CatCompanion said...

Hi, I'm a house sitter in the US. I'd like to know if you think "The Caretaker Gazette" ( is a good site. I am listed with housecarers and mindmyhouse, but I would like to find more sources for house sitting positions. The CTG costs $29.95 USD per year for online access, so I would prefer to ask someone who's used it before spending the money.

Your blog is a great idea. I can't seem to find much information on the web on house sitting, especially considering that it seems to be a growing trend.


Di Hill said...

Sorry, but I don't have any information on the Gazette. I find most of my house sitting comes by word of mouth - but that is only because at this time my preference is to do local jobs. Why not start your own blog.