Another Site for House Sitters

There was a comment on a previous post, and only today (weeks later, I'm sad to say) I followed the link to another site for House Sitting. As this one was FREE to join, I signed up.

It is a New Zealand site - but they have listings around the world. I always dream a little as I explore the advertisements for housesitting, and wonder if I will ever get to some of this amazing locations. There were 7 listed in France - now that would be good, and a few in the UK.

I'm not looking for a house sit at the moment as I have a month coming up - and I have three study courses happening in my life, and a job two days a week, some writing assignements on the go, as well as some commitments with the community organisation of which I am the President.

But, by the end of the year two of the courses will be behind me, and I will probably take a year to do one of them, so thenew year will hold new challenges for me, and hopefully will include some new house sitting.

In the mean time if you are looking to get a house sitting assignment, or looking to get someone to house sit for you, or house swap visit Mind My House


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