Nothing happening

I guess that it is not quite true. I've still got my October house sit, and as I am working locally I'm rejecting all offers that don't quite fit into my schedule. I do have one possibility, but suspect that the dates won't suit.

A friend has recommended me for a month or so at Mooloolah in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. 3 cows to look after. I laughed at this. Apparently I just have to keep an eye on them. No milking. Now that would be a challenge for me!!!

Time is flying by - but I'm keen to do a local house sit. Not sure about the Sunshine Coast hinterland - as well I don't know if I have work after August 3rd - so that will play a part in my decision making too.

I met up with someone over the weekend - and they expressed interest in me looking after their house - September 2008! On one of the islands too. Shall just have to wait and see about that one.


Perfect North said…
Hey there - I am a house sitter in the Southwest USA - have been doing this for over two years and would love to share stories, ideas, etc. Presently sitting at a house where one of the dogs is driving me crazy!
Di Hill said…
Hi, thanks for dropping in. Do you have a blog? I'm happy to communicate with you. Where in USA are you? Do you do long house sits. The dogs are usually the problem. The one on Lamb Island was very spoiled - and barked incessantly if there was someone walking in the street. I was getting her "retrained" but within a day or two of the owners returning he would be spoiled rotten again.
Anonymous said…
Hi Di,
enjoyed catching up on your news. Hope you enjoy the Sept/October stint.

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