Calls with requests - but no success

I've had a number of calls and emails about doing house sits, but none with dates that I can comfortably accept. Some sound so wonderful. I still have to determine if I have work - my contract as a trainer/job placement officer is finished on August 3rd - and there's vague talk of me continuing but nothing concrete. I'll put the pressure on for a decision this week.

I still have a bit of study t complete - but that's OK, can do that easily where ever I am, but I'd love the peace and tranquility to complete one of my manuscripts. If only.

It is only about 7 weeks before my next house sit starts, so I'll just wait it out.

In the meantime I'm looking at potential house sits in London and Ireland for 2008. Some are appearing, but I'm not able to make a commitment yet. Still working on it.


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