A weekend on Karragarra

We've booked a weekend on Karragarra Island. Sounds a bit odd I guess seeing that a couple of weeks later I will be living on the next island. But it was about getting away for a weekend and we have chosen to go away with Kramer.

It is not easy to find dog friendly accomodation - but here it is not far from home. So Kramer will get to come with us. I'm loathe to leave him in kennels - recently he came home from kennels with a serious bladder infection.

I've sent an email to Mr Tetley of Teakettle Cottage (great names!) on Karragarra and booked the car ferry. I've yet to ask for an hour off on the Friday afternoon, but I will need that time to get to Redland Bay and get the car on the ferry. We figured if we've saved on the cost of the kennels, that will pay for the car. We do have to take food, linen etc so it is easier this way.

It will be cool - but will pop in a small fan heater I have. I'm going to take my knitting and a few books, and maybe, just maybe, leave my laptop at home!


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