Still Plenty of House Sit Opportunities

I'm looking at all the offers that come my way - sometimes 3 or 4 a day from the two websites that I am registered on. I think for the moment I'll sit tight - it is easier to keep warm at home that go somewhere else. I'll wait until it warms up, or take a short stint where someone needs a sitter locally.

I love doing this - I love getting away on my own, but for the moment I'll just wait for a good opportunity to come up. I've got a lot of study on, so will just wait and see.


Anonymous said…
Very interesting read-Actually VERY helpful-we are thinking of buying land and building on the island-what do u think? Its at 26 Wyena Avenue, Lamb Island-we are not sure it might have sold but we are looking to buy-do u know of anyone who might have a plot? When u say it is cold in the winter what is the temperature(day & night)-my email
we are in the UK at the moment-if u could comment that would be great!

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