Still looking

Each day I get one or more e-mails from the House Sitting websites that I am subscribed to. There are good offers, but none that really are suitable right now.

When we were visiting Karragarra Island a couple of weeks ago, we made contact with one person who was interested in my house sitting "career" and there's a possibility of a short house sit on one of the islands.

Now that I have part time work, it is not as easy to do the house sitting. I mean why would I travel an hour each way to work when right now I live almost in the same street as my employment? It is a challenge to consider that.

And I've discovered it has been so cold I rather like being in my own home, with a heater that I am familiar with. The thought of dragging all my winter clothes over to the islands does not appeal. So I stay put.

I have looked at a couple of jobs in the UK and Ireland - none of which I'm able to do right now, but the 2008 jobs are starting to appear and I shall watch them enthusiastically as I'd like to do that when we travel next year.

Meanwhile, I think I'll stay at home. Boring.


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