Thursday, May 10

Changing dates

I'm sort of glad really - one of my house sits has fallen through. I was to look after a home and three cats in an inner Brisbane suburb in June/July - and in some ways I was looking forward to it. The owners are friends of mine - at least the lad is. She's an educator and taking time off to attend an overseas conference.

It was likely to clash with the Lamb Island sit. This is a long one - nearly three months, and I'm really keen to stay at my island hideaway. I had an email from the owners just checking that it is still OK for me to do it.

It's funny - I have a job now - just down the street from my home - and I'm going to have to travel over an hour a day each way to get to work. I'm still doing only 2 days a week - but things at work are changing and there is a possibility I will have to increase my hours there. A small challenge I think.

I look forward to long days writing on the island. This starts early in July.

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