Looking for house sitting jobs

The reasons people do house sitting is varied. I like to do it for the peace and quiet - there are many homes on acreage, or in quieter parts of our city. All the houses I have chosen to "sit" have been quiet. It is one of the things I test BEFORE I accept the position.

My island house sit really is quiet - although some days traffic noise on the unmade road outside the house can be heard. I know at night there's nothing to be heard but he wind in the trees, or the cry of the curlew. The phone rarely rings.

I note that some folk use the housesitting to travel around Australia and do some sightseeing. Or find homes overseas to save on the cost of accomodation which is of course very high.

You can check out the many house sitting websites - do a Google on "house sit" and see what comes up. Or check out

It is free to look around these sites and see for yourself what is available. You only have to pay if you want to make contact with someone looking for a house sitter.


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