How to choose a house sit.

I have been so lucky. I have enjoyed all my house sits, though there is one that I don't rate high on my scale.

I go to meet the people whose home I am looking after. I have a list of things I check.

  • It must be quiet
  • Clean and tidy
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure (I won't go where there are no screens on windows, or rickety door locks etc - remember I am on my own!)
  • A nice bedroom and bathroom facility to use
  • Easy to get to/park my car.
  • I must "like" the owners.
  • Small pets. I won't look after German Shepherds and other big dogs. I like them - I just don't feel confident to manage them.
  • Internet Access - preferably wireless.
  • A garden that I can easily manage
  • I will look after cats and dogs, but not rats, snakes etc. (those people REALLY have troubles finding a house sitter.)
  • I must get a list of peopleto call e.g. family member, emergency assistance for pets (Vet etc.), electrician, plumber, etc.
  • Anyone in the neighbourhood to call (especially if I am far from my own home)
  • Clear instructions for the pet. (Feeding, walking, bathing etc.)

I always chat with the owners for a while, and tell them I will think about it for 24 hours and let them know.

One of the challenges is dealing with every changing dates. I do try to get a set day and time they owner is returning, but I've found that not so easy.


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