Going to the UK

Well, plans are afoot for us to do a trip to the UK and Ireland in 2007. The saving has started. One of the most expensive parts of any overseas travel is the accomodation so I will be seeking house sits - in London and Dublin. It is worth doing if we can wing it with dates. We will be able to change dates BEFORE we leave, but once on the road we will not be able to do that.

We want to fly to London, have a week in London, before a train ride across the country to one of the ports on the Irish Sea and get a ferry across to Dublin. A few days in Dublin, taking in a trip up to Belfast, and then hire a car and take a tour to Galway, down to Kerry, across the southern coastal area, and back up to Dublin. Back to London, and then home via a few days in Singapore. I've got more than 12 months to organise it - and will need all that time to save too.


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