Wednesday, April 25

Flip Flops for fundraising.

Isn’t fund raising a challenge? For years I have been involved in events to raise funds for various organisations – school (I well remember the years of pie drives, carnivals, and concerts) over the many years that our children were at school.

I remember in Quota International doing a whole range of things from dinners, BBQ’s, fashion parades. Organisations are always looking for new ways and developing products that can be bought by members or supporters of your organisation is proving to be a successful way of creating interest and funds
– especially for schools.

I’ve come across one that I think is rather appealing.
Selling flip flops (or thongs, or thong sandals) with various logo’s on them. I like the name of the company too Bagus (pronounced ba goose) which means excellent, and their website says that they pride themselves for excellence.

With the help of the good people of Bagus you can choose from a wide range of custom sandals and have your logo or message on them. Bagus excel in fundraising – so well worth a visit to their website and a phone call.

All their details are on the website. They make it easy and worthwhile.


Qi said...

hello,I am Chinese.this is my first time to your blog

Di Hill said...

Glad you visited. I visited your site too, but I cannot read Chinese. Good luck.