A collection of coins

I’ve started work. As much as I have been looking for work, I’d had so many rejections that I thought perhaps my working life as I had wanted it was probably over.

I’m keen to move on – I don’t know where, and I’m looking at “down sizing” or “decluttering” so that I can travel, or house sit around the world without worrying about my things.

I was looking at my collection of coins the other day, and thinking that perhaps investing in silver or gold coins was a good idea. Buying gold or silver has historically been high on the list of great things to do to preserve wealth and build wealth. The price of gold and silver seems to go up and up and there’s speculation that the worlds gold and silver reserves are diminishing and the future for those who have invested in gold or silver is very rosy.

I think I’ll go for silver – since Monex, this 30 year old company makes it easy for people to invest both in gold or silver, but their analysts are promoting silver as the way to go.

I like the idea of collecting silver or gold coins to add to my collection.

I think I’ll just lay back and enjoy the thought of sitting on a pile of silver or gold coins

What a good idea!


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