Saturday, April 7

Can I still keep the housesitting going?

There's been an interesting development in my life. I have been applying for employment - and often joke about it. I say I need money - not a job. I've so much going on in my life.

I was shortlisted for a position that was freaking me out. It was part time - but some weeks working 6 days in the week for 6 hours. Now that would really cramp my style. But it would enable me to still house sit. But I wondered if I could really manage it. How would it affect my writing? The money was good - and for a while it enticed me. I nearly drooled at the thought of the extra money. I decided I couldn't refuse the position, and I'd have to just keep on until I could not cope. Not a good idea? True, but I wasn't in a position to refuse either.

As it turns out - I was offered another position. Close to home. More to my liking and more to my qualifications and expertise. And two days a week. The money is OK - in fact it is wonderful and I'll still be able to do the house sit on Lamb Island.

How good is that?

So - my plans stand.

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