Wednesday, April 25

Anzac Day

April 25th is Anzac Day. We got up at 3.30 am this morning to attend the Dawn Service down at Wynnum. It was funny in a way, as when we crept out to the car in the dark just before 4 am, our next door neighbour called out. He's a Vietnam veteran and always attends Anzac events, but his daughter had gone into labour, and his wife had taken the car and had been at the hospital for several hours. He wasn't sure what to do. He'd have to call a cab, and he wasn't keen to leave the house even though he had a mobile phone. Anyway we took him to the service in our car.

He has had a drinking problem since his Vietnam days, and we thought it ironic that his grandchild should arrive on Anzac Day. He said the poor child will always think that his grandfather was always drunk on his birthday. Well, he is always drunk on Anzac Day.

Pleasant service although the bugler and the bagpiper were a little off key.

We went to the march in
Wynnum later on too after picking flowers.

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