Sunday on Lamb

We slept in a little - but them up to writing, breakfast. We pondered walking but it was too late, in that it was very hot, so we decided to drive to get the paper. I had flowers and cuttings for a lady on the main road. I'd tried to drop them to her the day before, but she was out. I tried again, but she was out, but her neighbour called out to me, and I gave them to her.

Lizzy and I went for a drive around the island - and called in at the Pioneer House - the original farm house on the island, built in 1924, andthe Lamb Island bowls club.

Then we went to have a look at the Macleay Island Bed and Breakfast - there was someone staying there so we didn't see inside, but we did chat with the lady and collected brochures, and made arrangements to call back tomorrow - when the place is empty.


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