Thursday, March 8

Second last day

It was somewhat of a miserable morning - with a little rain, but by afternoon it had cleared up.

The day before yesterday on my walk I noticed workmen preparing ground in what was essentially a vacant lot. I thought little of it until I drove back from the ferry last night in the dark and found the main road on the island blocked. Two pieces of a house, obviously brought over on big trucks on the barge were blocking the road, and another driver and I had to find our way past the trucks and their load.

As it was raining early this morning and the sky was black to the north, I chose to drive to get my morning paper and miss my walk, and there on what had been a vacant block yesterday was a house - complete with curtians in the windows. Quitre incredible really.

The two big trucks were waiting down at the ramp for the barge - so I guess the guys had worked through the night.

I guess it will take a few days before the plumbing and electricity is connected, but it should be liveable within a short space of time. Amazing.

It was a quiet day for me - a little tidying up, more writing, more music, more enjoying the peaceful surrounds of Lamb Island.

(Incidentally I was told the island was named after a Mr Lamb - so no sheep!)

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