My last day on Lamb Island

It is my last day on Lamb Island - the owners come back today, and I shall return home. Bella the dog is depressed - she's watched me tidying up, vacuuming and going to my suitcase. The latter is something that Bella picks up on and she doesn't like it.

It rained heavily overnight, so everything looks green and fresh. I remembered to put the bins out for the rubbish man (I'd forgotten last week), but they are both empty now. I've sprayed the orchids with a mist of water, and I've watered the other plants that didn't get their helping of rain.

I don't have another house sit to go to at this point - though there are a few "in the wind" as they say. In any case I have an appointment next week regarding going to Vietnam to teach English, so I'm not ready to make any commitments to house sit for a while.

The builder is due at our house next week - I'd been hoping that he would have done it while I was away - so there will be a bit more chaos in my life.

I do like Lamb Island - except for the mozzies and sand flies that have really taken their toll on me - I look like I have some strange disease!

But - I'd be back if I get a good offer.

Goodbye Lamb Island - for now..................................


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