Tuesday, March 13

More Job offers

I was contacted by the owners of the Lamb Island house, wanting me to look after their house from July for 3 months, and then I have a call from someone wanting me to care for their house and pets for 7 weeks - but the dates clash I think.

And I have an appointment this week about going to Vietnam to teach - so I have some decisions to be made this week.

As well, some interesting developments are occurring with my writing - isn't it always the same - either a drought or a flood? So many decisions to make!!!

I'll get overwhelmed and stressed about all the things that are happening. As well, I've decided to do something with an organisation called Club Freedom. It is something I was introduced to by my friend Barbara, who lives in Hong Kong, and I signed up last year. I've done nought with it - in part because I was so sick for several months.

My philosophy is that I need to look at all options for generating income because I am not getting any younger. For an investment of some $US200 - once only payment - you join a Travel Rewards Program, and one gets rewards (travel vouchers and money) for introducing others.

I joined last year and have watched it grow - quite amazing. Anyway I am going to spend about 5 hours a week working on it. My plan is to use some of the financial rewards to help women who are disadvantaged. I've always wanted to do this - and I guess I have in the past by trading my TIME, but hopefully I will be able to do more.

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