Thursday, March 1

Milo the Dachshund

On my return trip with my daily newspaper, I met up with a lovely lady who lives on the island. She lives in a house I have greatly admired as I walked past. The sort of house that looks, (from the outside) like one I could live in. She seems to live alone - has grown up family, and loves the island life. She told me about the $5 lunches on Macleay Island - and how there is a free bus to the Bowls Club for the lunches. I'll perhaps go tomorrow. As a treat if I do what I want to do today.

When I passed the house with the dachshund the owner came to the fence to speak with me, and I got to pat the lovely Milo. He's supposed to be a miniature dachshund, but at 6 months he's quite a big dog, and as he was from a litter of 11 I wonder if he really is a mini. Lovely dog though - reddish colour and fabulous personality.

He named the dog Milo - which is rather nice as we had a Milo once.

I wonder if I really could live here on a more permanent basis?

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