Long Day on the mainland

It rained nearly all night on Tuesday night - and the wind blew making for some very strange noises around the house that kept waking me. I managed to get up early and do my chores before catching the 5.50 am ferry to the mainland, and as I got off a heavy rain show drenched me. (I'm not one to use umbrellas much as I don't have enough hands!)

I made it to the car and pulled in to get petrol at Victoria Point before heading to the farm. Some very beautiful flowers! Afterwards we went to a function for International Women's Day where this very savvy lady told her story - how in just a few years she managed to go from almost broke to quite wealthy buying real estate. She's got a business now called Wildly Wealthy Women - what a good name!

She was quite an inspirational speaker and I'm hoping to get her to speak at our local women's group.

Wildy Weathy Women Website

I had a meeting at night and left early hoping to catch a ferry in good time. Ooops. I was just 60 seconds too late - reaching the jetty just as it pulled out. And I had to wait another hour for the next one. It was raining all the way to the ferry terminal so I had thought it unwise to drive too fast. I'm glad I made it safely but annoyed that I missed the ferry. Oddly enough the hour wait didn't seem that long, and I was soon back at the house. Bella was very glad to see me!

A looooong day.


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