Sunday, March 4

Lizzy G visits

Saturdays are always picking days at the Gerbera Farm, so I was on the early ferry. Whilst waiting for the ferry to arrive, I got chatting with one of the local gents, who was taking his 4 boys to Karragarra to swim in the enclosure, and he commented about living in "paradise." I've got to say, the view and the peace at 6 am was wonderful. I commented that I didn't live on the island - I told him I was looking after a friends house and dog. Apparently he is looking for a house sitter.

So we chatted for a while - I've given him my card, so will wait to hear from him.

We picked the flowers, and prepared them and I delivered some to the Plaza. And then I went home - to my real home - showered, changed, and collected a few things before leaving to pick up Lizzy G.

I've known Lizzy for a while and indeed house sit for her earlier this year.

Lizzy G was going to be my weekend companion on Lamb.

We eventually arrived on the Island around 2 pm. Lizzy and I have chatted and laughed. We had dinner (I broiled the steak - it was a bit tough!) but all up we've had a lot of fun, done some writing and editing and generally enjoyed life on the island.

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