Island life

It is such a treat to sleep in a little - I'm usually up early - at home woken by the incessant traffic noise passing our house. Here there is very little traffic of course, and it is a pleasure to wake up to the birds and not the traffic.

It is overcast and somewhat muggy - there is supposed to be rain, but so far none whilst I have been here. There was some apparently early yesterday when I was on the mainland.

I went for my early morning walk - the 1 km to the shop to get the morning paper, and the 1 km back. It is only 3 months since I was here, but I noted some changes.

I didn't see the old lady Flo, and I thought perhaps she was not on the island, but found out later that she was. Must have got up later. And the couple who walk their ageing dogs - I missed them too, but they are still here on the island.

I noticed a few homes that had "for sale" signs up, no longer have them. A new home is being built, and I noticed the horse - which I call the red horse - was not in its paddock. The paddock has all grown over - long grass, and the fence has been removed. I was pondering this when I saw the horse in "Old Megan's Farm" - that's what it says on the gate. I call it the red horse because it is a grey white colour in reality but with the red dirt of this area, it looks a strange red colour. I wonder what it was like just after it had been hosed down?

There's a cute house with a gabled roof - I've heard wild domestic arguments coming from that house several time before but it was quiet today. Perhaps they have left the island.

The tavern and kiosk which I was told last year would be be started by February, is now delayed and will start building mid year.

A house that I had admired last time has had some changes - a nice fence around it and a great deck. There are two dogs in the yard - one a blue heeler, and the other a dachshund - my favouite dog. As I walked past he ran to the fence, but when I started to open my camera, he turned tail and ran. I spoke to his owner later.


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