Booked for two more house sits

I'm booked for two more house sits - but have a couple of months at home. I'm hoping that the renovations on our home will proceed and in fact perhaps be completed by the time I finish the second house sit. It is my wish to move out of this house - and put tenants in here, and buy another house and do it up. There are a couple of houses on Lamb Island that would suit - I can see me staying in the house sit, and hubby and the dog staying at the house while it is renovated. (I no longer wish to live in a construction zone.)

As it is at home now we have no front steps - the builder removed them on Monday, and paybe tomorrow (Thursday) he will get to start rebuilding. There is also the back deck to be completed within the next few days, and then the guttering. I hate it though - having to think where I am going to go to get out of the house so that I don't plummet down the hole - where the stairs or deck used to be.

(Actually we've deadlocked the door so we can't accidentally walk out of it.)

Hubby is keen to buy and renovate houses, but I am no so sure. He doesn't actually get moving on the project. I have to hassle him.

Anyway, we will wait and see.


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