Back to the "real" world

I certainly miss the peace and quiet of island living - and I've only spent two nights at home. The busy street traffic is already annoying me, but I've got other plans. I'll stay at home for a while, and investigate the Teaching English in Vietnam program, and do some workshops on Blogging.

As well I'm looking at a program to help women - I was impressed by Dympna Buholt and her Wildly Wealth Women program - and I shall be joining that too, but I have something else too, that I think will be more exciting. Certainly less expensive, and more rewarding.

I went to a presentation on the Gold Coast yesterday - for something that I looked at last year. I'm impressed with the program and it is low cost, and exciting for those of us who need more money and holidays. How exciting. Click here to get more information.

Looking forward to an exciting 2007 - in more ways than one.


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