At home for a while

Nearly every day in my inbox are wonderful house sit opportunities around Queensland - and if I check the website for Housecarers I find a lot more. It is only dream material at the moment - but if a few things/when a few things come to fruition in my life, I hope to do house sits around Australia, and perhaps in the UK.

There have been some good ones just out of London, and from time to time in Ireland. At the moment though I can only dream.

I found it quite amazing that so many people are seeking house sitters, but when you think of the economics of it - it is a good option for people with pets, or swimming pools, gardens, and the like if they wish to go away for a long period.

A dog in kennels can cost upwards of $20 a day - so if you have to two dogs and going away for 4 weeks, you will be up for over $1000 - so to get a reliable house sitter, the savings are obvious.


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