Another day on the island

It rained last night - in all the time I have spent on the island it was the heaviest rain I've experienced. At least the garden got a good watering, and this morning the skies are blue. Sort of reminds me of Camelot. Doesn't it only rain at night there?

I went on my morning walk to the kiosk for my morning paper this morning. The horse I saw at Old Megan's Farm is gone - and another white horse has appeared fenced in a paddock in the middle of the island. I wonder if it is the same horse - but it is much whiter. Maybe the rain washed it clean?

On the way back I met a lady - she lives in a house with a wonderful garden and the house has it's name on it. "Flower Power." She's lived on the island for many years and has a wonderful tropical garden. I stopped and chatted, and will probably give her some Gerberas and Heliconia plants tomorrow. I'll see if I have time to get them ready.

I'm going to go to Macleay Island today - it is only a short ferry ride and there is afree bus that takes one to the Bowls Club at the north of the island so you get to have a look around as well. It's $5 lunches today too.


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