Monday, February 19

Writing Course

I'm excited today as my writing course material arrived. One of the purposes of doing house sitting is to get writing time. Unfortunately I still have to pick gerberas - see About Gerberas . So I pick places reasonably close to home and the farm. From Lamb Island it is a short ferry trip - and drive in the car, so I can be at the farm just over an hour from when I leave the island.

Whilst I'd doing well with my writing projects, I am keen to do more so earlier this yer I enrolled in a couse with The Writers Bureau. I've been waiting (somewhat impatiently!!) since I made my first payment to them. The course arrives by post - so for the past week I've been enthusiastically waiting for the mail each day. Today it arrived. Not an overly large parcel - but large enough and as soon as the post office staffer handed it over I knew what it was.

I've had a quick look at the material and am keen to sit down and read through it and do the assignments. I hope to finish the first two assignments by the time I have finished my nearly two weeks on Lamb Island.

It looks exciting already - and although I am well on my way with two other manuscripts - one of which I have written over 30,000 in 3 weeks. Quite an effort too.

And I have some other exciting news! More study - so will wait for a bit before I do that.

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