Teaching English Overseas

Several years ago I completed a degree at University - a Ba of Adult and Vocational Teaching at Griffith University. I've not really used the degree - but I think I have found something that is both exciting and well, profitable.

My nephew, early last year went to China to teach English. I must say I was slightly interested at the time - but I knew the time was not right, so put it on the back burner. But, I've just done some research and am seriously thinking of following it up.

I have made contact with an organisation in Australia that finds work for teachers of English - who must have a degree!!! - in Asia in particular. Whilst I majored in literacy and numeracy, I need to do an Advanced Diploma to qualify and I can do that course here in Brisbane. I wonder if I have time to do that course as well as the one I am already doing?

OK, I don't have to do it all at once - and the course does cost $1500 - so I will not take it all lightly. Perhaps I need to save up first??? There's 120 hours of study - and then work is available.

It has been suggested that Vietnam is a good place to start - so I'll do some research in this area soon. Meanwhile, back to house sitting, writing and studying the course I am already paying off.

Could be interesting?


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