Wednesday, February 28

Peace and quiet

You forget what the night sky REALLY looks like - when you live in suburbia the night sky is compromised with lighting from the city and suburbs. Out on the islands, and in the country it is different. The sky is dark at night, and the moon shines brightly, and there seem to be so many more stars.

In some ways I'd like to go out with a rug and lie down on the lawn and watch the night sky. Except for the mosquitos. I'd almost forgotten about them - and I think they were just waiting for me. I did hear and see one or two last night, but they got me this morning. I was standing on the jetty waiting for the 5.50 am ferry. The buzzed and bit, and left me a right mess.

Still, a small price to pay for this magic place - and I just have to remember to use the stuff to keep them away.

The men are friendly on the island - and I don't mean anything bad by this. Quite a few catch the early ferry to work on the mainland and they chat. I've heard about the fishing - it has been better lately and with the high tides there's a good spot near where the car ferry pulls in. And those who can use a cast net have been catching good size prawns. Big ones actually.

Apparently the waters around here were badly depleted of fish stocks as some uncrupulous people caught and sold fish/prawns illegally for some time. They were taking huge hauls from the waters and it has taken some time for the fishing to be useful here.

And on my return to the island I was offered several lifts - I only had to struggle with my shopping bags, and laptop to the car near the phone box - but i was impressed how polite the men were.

There were huge white clouds on the horizon - in all directions. Rain is forecast for today, and I guess with the clouds it's pretty inevitable.

It would be nice - though it often rains on the islands - and not on the mainland where it is so badly needed.

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